Why Do Anti-Aging Lifestyle
“Experts” Keep Getting
Older Just Like Everyone Else?

And why do people keep following their advice blindly, without need for actual scientific proof that their ideas are true?

Here is a little known fact about aging that most people ignore:
No matter what you do about your health – keep a great diet, sleep well, exercise, take a variety of supplements and super-foods – your body will still gradually deteriorate until one day it will fail to sustain life.

Good lifestyle habits are very important if one wants to be healthy, however they will not stop your aging process – they just delay it long enough to slightly improve your retirement years.

So much money and energy in the scientific community currently goes into anti-aging research – to discover the secret to eternal youth, or at least to make us live effortlessly beyond 120. And yet they have failed.

Depressing, isn’t it?

Our “good lifestyle” efforts are in vain - the real cause of aging lies within our cells and must be addressed at that level.

A small group of scientists searched for causes at the cellular level, and what they discovered earned them The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine and generated tremendous interest both in the scientific community and among anti-aging enthusiasts.

The cells that make up our body – skin, organs, bones etc. – have a very limited life-span and they constantly divide, making self-clones of themselves to carry on life. You may even say, because of this never-ending cell division, you are completely “re-newed” on an ongoing basis and your body never stops evolving to reach its optimal performance.

There is a challenge that every cell faces when it divides. It possesses a number of chromosomes that are responsible for carrying your genes, DNA and protein sequences. They are the “genetic memory” that your cells carry, and with every division they pass this “genetic memory” to the new generation of young cells. The problem is that as you get older, their ability to do this perfectly declines.

Each chromosome has protective caps on its ends - telomeres. They protect the chromosomes from damage but they deteriorate over time from continuous cell division. The telomere caps get shorter every time the cell divides, and once telomere length has dropped below a certain limit, the cells eventually stop dividing. Deterioration of our body and fast aging shortly follow.

The good news:

The scientists who won The Nobel Prize found that the answer to longevity is in the enzyme that makes-up telomeres – telomerase enzyme – and it is directly responsible for cells’ aging.

If telomerase enzyme levels are high, the telomere is maintained and our cells can be copied completely, rather than degrading over time. It’s like rebuilding a protective shield around your genetic “you” back when you were in your most perfect optimal state of function – in your late 20’s.

When the dust cleared, the three scientists were awarded The Nobel Prize and went back to their respective Universities to continue their research. The practical part of this discovery was now open for the world to apply for our benefit!

We have been working to make this discovery into a practical application that you can use: Telomerance™ telomerase enzyme anti-aging supplement.

We want it to benefit people right away - not years down the line when for some of us it will be too late.

Questions You’ve Asked...

Why is your product so expensive?

Some people tell us that our prices are too high, but it's only because they don't quite understand the full value of our product. If you count the quality, ingredients and the improved absorption mechanism, it is actually low in cost. It’s manufactured in the USA with the best organic ingredients available using industry-leading, GMP-certified supplement manufacturer facilities. Our focus is on quality and effectiveness, so no cost is spared to make the best product we ourselves would be eager to use.

Please see a few testimonials on the right from people who thought our prices were too high initially, bought anyway, and have since come back to buy more for their loved ones.

I tried another telomerase enzyme supplement and didn’t feel anything. How is yours any different?

All of other telomerase supplements rely on digestive system to absorb the supplement, and we said earlier HERE, because of stomach acid, digestive enzymes, bile and liver, telomerase formula you ingested is turned into just a mere shadow of what was in the bottle.

Telomerance™ is absorbed under the tongue and bypasses your digestive tract and liver, going into your blood rapidly without any significant changes to the formula. This is why it’s so effective and this is why we have very loyal customers to come back again and again.

Can I take any telomerase supplements sublingually and get the same effect as from Telomerance?

A sublingual function and the transport mechanism have to be precisely balanced for any supplement to be absorbed under the tongue easily. Most supplements’ chemical formula is not designed for sublingual absorption and their molecule size is simply too big to pass through the mucous membrane beneath the tongue.

Does your formula have alcohol in it? I ordered a similar formula before and it was almost 80 proof (40%). It should have come with a “No operating a motor vehicle” warning.

Yes, Telomerance contains a very small amount of alcohol - 3% - to enhance storage time since all preservatives are 100% natural and health enhancing, but you can't taste the alcohol and since you only take a dropper-full at a time the effect isn't noticeable.

What if your product doesn’t work? I’ve tried so many so-called anti-aging supplements and didn’t see any effects.

Unlike other products that address the aging body factor on a superficial “symptomatic” level, Telomerance™ affects the body on a cellular level and repairs the cause of cell degradation. When the cause is gone, symptoms of aging slowly go away as well. Read more on how telomerase enzyme is important for your cells HERE.

Is it difficult to take? What if I forget and skip a day?

Not at all. Take 15-25 drops, holding them under your tongue for about 10 minutes, every day until you finish the bottle. It will take 3-5 weeks to finish the product. Then 4-5 months from that point you can buy Telomerance™ again and repeat the same process. If you skip a day, it’s not a big deal. Personally, I leave the bottle in a place where I can see it while doing my other routine tasks, such as sitting at my computer.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, we are so confident you love Telomerance™, you are covered under a full unconditional 3-month Money Back guarantee (more on this here). It doesn't get better than that!

Is there a discount when I order more than 1 bottle?

Yes, when you go to the initial order form HERE, you get a discount when you order 2 or 3 bottles. If you want to order more than 3, please use our Contact Form for inquiries.

I live overseas and would like to order your product but not sure if I will be able to get it due to local customs regulations. What should I do?

We have not found a country yet where we were unable to ship Telomerance™. If there is a problem after we get your order, we will contact you within 24 hours. All overseas orders are shipped via US Postal Service International Express mail and you should normally expect a package within a week, although due to customs there might be delays.

How do you ship local packages?

All US orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail within 2 days of the order placement.